An Old Wyoming History Book

One of the earliest attempts to write a history of Wyoming was by Hartville resident, I. S. Bartlett and published in 1918. Vol 1 of the three volume set can be read online here-

This book is a good read and one I have bookmarked on my laptop.  This one is the first of a three volume set. Some critiques have been leveled at Mr. Bartlett’s work because a few liberties were taken that would not be found in a modern day history book. Mr. Bartlett lists himself as the editor not the writer of the book and includes first-hand accounts from many sources. He also includes some of his and others poetry and in one place talks about how good the fishing is at Kelly’s Park on the North Platte River a few miles from his home.

The book, because of its age, is a bit closer to history and the beginnings of the state of Wyoming which, to me, makes it an intriguing resource.

Give it a look and enjoy.

It has been a few weeks, maybe months since I have put up a few questions of Wyoming trivia, so here it is 5 questions to test your knowledge of the state. See answers under the last photo.

  1. Who led the first Government Expedition over the Oregon Trail in 1842. The group stopped on a bluff overlooking what today is Guernsey State Park, where the leader noted that it was the most spectacular river valley he had ever seen. Ok who was it?
  2. What river did early trappers call the Sisk-ke-dee?
  3. Which is the oldest of the five dams on the North Platte River?
  4. What was the battle in northern Wyoming between the cattle barons, and homesteaders, called?
  5. Which Wyoming fort has been called the bloodiest in the west?



  1. John C. Fremont
  2. Green River
  3. Pathfinder
  4. Johnson County War
  5. Fort Phil Kearney
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