Why I hate editing and other horror stories.


            I understand that there are writers that enjoy editing. Somewhere there are probably people that enjoy flat tires, painting the fence and swatting mosquitoes, but I am not familiar with any of those folks.  I do not like editing, I try anything to get out of it and it always works—trouble is the material stays the same. Yep, you guessed it, needs editing.

            I have a completed manuscript and have edited seventeen pages (of nearly 300) in the last fourteen months. Instead of editing I have spent my time writing stories. Writing is more fun and more rewarding than editing. So I chose to write not edit.

            Do you know why people blog—I do, no editing. Not here anyway.

            Well back to editing and my unending search for the extra adjective and the hated adverb.

            Now I am too tired to tell other horror stories—good night!



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