Reading and Writing

It is often hard to balance reading with writing. I try to read as much as I write. Most writers I know write a lot and read a little. This usually happens when an author fears he/she will start sounding too much like the novels they are reading. This might not be all bad. I read about a book a week, light by Stephen King standards, but quite a bit by the standards of most writers, or for that matter most readers. I just finished another of the late Tony Hillerman’s great Navajo mysteries. If someone told me I wrote or sounded a little like him I would take it as a complement.

I spent only a few hours writing this week—three hours on my YA mystery and four hours on my nonfiction work on early Indian tribes in the west. About the same seven or eight hours I spent reading. If I could get away from the TV I might get more done. But working nine to eleven hour days at a regular job plus working Saturdays keeps me starved for some time to relax.

I enjoy the process of writing but find if I am too tired it soon turns to crap. Then it is time to read, relax or sleep.

Reading and Writing since 1954 and Mrs. Brandenburg’s first grade class at Central Ward elementary.


Comming soon a new page from my nonfiction work.

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No Western Today

Today we have a new president number 44. I watched the inauguration and much of the additional coverage and was highly impressed with everything.  If we could keep that same feeling of patriotism, togetherness and usefulness all year long everyone on earth would think—wow, they really are the greatest nation on the face of the earth.

 Good Luck President Obama and God speed.

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Time to Write

Finished reading a good western today. Not sure if I like an ending where nearly everyone I had followed in the story dies. But it was still a good read. Now it’s time to spend some time writing–goal is to put down 2,000 words by Monday evening.

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Sometimes a Weird Western is Good

Finished a new short story today, pretty good for me to complete in one day, it runs about 1,300 words and was a lot of fun to write.

This is my first in a bit of a cross over genre that I will call, western science fiction. Even I think it’s weird for an old guy like me to write anything except straight westerns, humor or notes to myself. If anyone is interested I spent about four hours and may need another half hour after I get some feedback.

Excerpt–“I Should Have Crossed Over”

Runs-With-Fire sat sunning himself high above the North Fork of the Shoshone River and wondered why he was here. Not here in this place but here in 2008. Runs-With-Fire had not died, had not died and passed over to the other side. Here he sat on the same rock he had sat every day, early in the morning, as he had been doing for the past one-hundred and thirty-two years. All those years since he came back to this river from the Greasy Grass and the great victory over the blue coats at the battle the soldiers called, Little Big Horn.

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Are Western’s Still Alive ?

Well partners—welcome along and I hope we have a great ride. This is post # 1 of someone still writing about the old American west.

I live in the west, Wyoming to be specific, and have written both fiction and nonfiction stories about this great area of our country. From time to time I will be posting some of each. All comments are welcome and I will try to answer every one. I have read so much lately about the dying western.
Not sure it is the western that is dying, just maybe the readers. So how do we go about fixing it? Find new readers.

Right now, I am working on a contemporary young adult western, about 1/2done, 30,000 plus words. I like it, hope someone else does, will finish by the first of April-I hope. In the area of nonfiction I have just completed a short work of early Indians in Wyoming, concentrating on what is was like in the pre-1800s west.

Stay with me for stories of cowboys and Indians, and everything else, from trail dust to cowboy cooking.

See you in a few sunsets.

N. A. Waring

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Hello world!

Welcome to This is your first post. Edit or delete it and start blogging!

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